California Alliance with Family Farmers

California Alliance with Family Farmers works to promote and better understand ecological farming systems and practices throughout California. CAFF’s mission is to build sustainable food and farming systems through policy and on-the-ground programs that create more resilient family farms, communities and ecosystems.

CAFF approached us about creating a film and set of photos that would be used in their Wildfire Resilience Program to share knowledge and help prepare family farms on how to be better prepared for wildfire events. We met up on location with two farmers on to interview and capture footage of their farm and experience to create this film. The film was meant to document both the personal experience of each farmer as well as sharing educational tips on how to deal with such a difficult situation. The goal was to hold space for both the trauma of living through the experience of a wildfire as well as sharing important information for farmers to become more resilient to a wildfire event.

This film is used as a tool by CAFF to help support their mission of creating more resilient family farms and providing resources for the community that they serve.