Healing Art Missions

June 29, 2020

Healing Art Missions work is focused in rural Haitian communities. The organization works hard to provide healthcare services in the southern peninsula and supports a school in the northwest of Haiti. They also operate a clean water and basic healthcare program in a mountainous region outside of Port-au-Prince. Our team is in alignment with the values of Healing Art Mission who are committed to fostering the dignity of the individual and respecting the ways of the community that they work within.

The visual tools created for the NGO Healing Art Missions were made while on location in Dumay Haiti for two weeks. A series of photo essays depicting life at the healthcare clinic was created by documenting working days at the clinic as well as following a patient to their home to help contextualize the client that Healing Art Mission serves. While on location at the clinic a Cholera outbreak occurred with a complex response by the organization’s employees and partners that was documented.

Several short films were made on the Cholera response as well as a larger informative film that is used to help communicate to funders, donors and the public a deeper insight into the work that is being accomplished by the organization. Healing Art Missions has a large library of images to pull from for use on their social media channels, website and print collateral from the two week stay as well as several social media film clips and two longer format films for fundraising events and website usage.

A website was created to showcase Healing Art Mission’s work using the visuals from the on location documentation.Our team consulted with the organization to come up with an online visibility strategy working with the organization to create a more modern message to the public and donors while keeping their mission statement in the forefront: “Collaborating with rural Haiti by connecting communities to healthcare, education, clean water and employment.”