Rewilding Palisades Ranch

We collaborated with the Mojave Desert Land Trust (MDLT) to help spread the word about one of their biggest and most important projects to date. MDLT is taking on the amazing task of rewilding Palisades Ranch for many different reasons. Palisades Ranch is a rare gem of rich habitat and biodiversity with so much ecological value for the west Mojave region. Palisades Ranch supports approximately 10 vegetation communities that collectively contain 191 plant species. 

Palisades Ranch is one of the few locations along the Mojave River where water flows above ground year-round. Perennial surface flow of the Mojave River through the property helps support habitat for 39 special status species.

Restoring Palisades Ranch will be a large effort that will require support from the public, resource
agencies, and other partner organizations. Restoration plans include restoring the historic
floodplain of the river, restoring riparian habitat, particularly in the former alfalfa field, creating
native pollinator gardens and pedestrian paths, and creating a tui chub pond.

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